02settantacinque is a brand hailing from Milan, Italy.

It is characterised by the uniqueness of the products, different from what is usually seen in the Italian market.
Starting from their trademark product, the 0275 chest-bag, to the various tactical models of jackets and vests, the Italian brand employs quality materials that pair nicely with the ir practical ethos. 
Having other products that are starting to do good for them, like the tactical pants, 02settantacinque is doubling down on an urban style that blends tech-wear, military wear and more avant-garde pieces with ease.

While this may seem a mere description of the aesthetic aspects of the products, it actually tells us what makes the entity a progressive force for Italian fashion. That is because Italian fashion, be it urban or not, tends to shy away from incorporating the more modern breakthroughs in fashion technology.
02, to the contrary, unapologetically embraces these movements forward to supply the culture with an Italian alternative to avant-garde clothing.

This choice in direction has ultimately had good consequences for the brand, as it resulted in many endorsements from Italian artists in the urban scene (for instance Capo Plaza and Charlie Charles) and more importantly in a limited-edition sneaker collaboration with Nike, which ended the brand an international name recognition and flare. 
Given this new attainment of status and their principled stance on interpreting Italian fashion through a modern lens, we advise anyone acquainted with fashion to keep an eye on the brand.