Anton, known on most social media as Anton Infantry, is a french designer and artist.

The ladder part of his nickname arises from his very clear affiliation to YG Addie's (A$AP Ant's) brand and clique: Marino Infantry.

This connection with the American rapper payed off in his supplying of album covers for Addie. Having discovered Anton's artwork (probably on social media), it was decided he would design the aesthetic side of a handful of Addie material, among which we find his last three releases: "Addie Pintino", "Addie Calipari (The Trilogy)", and "I Am Underground".

These commissioned works are just a few among a larger catalogue, including the single "Free Flacko Jodye" and the EP "Now They Notice US", produced by Lord Fubu.

While the tools employed for his works (which are posted mainly on Instagram) are varied, comprising pencils, markers, paint and pastels, all of Anton's work shares a general formula. He typically portrays rappers or other figures of cultural relevance in the urban scene, using a sketched/gritty style, almost always decorating the main strokes with graffiti art and/or the papiers collés (aka the usage of printed paper on art pieces, similarly to a collage). In some ways, his general aesthetic is reminiscent of the heavily collage'd style of video-makers such as LONEWOLF and even creatives over at AWGE, a creative agency which is ultimately connected to Anton's own affiliates. 

Subjects who are portrayed by the young french creative are often somewhat caricatured, gifting to his artwork a sense of contrast in styles and textures, from the realistically painted to the comics-esque; from depictions of reality to purely decorative elements.

Famous acts such as Skepta and Playboi Carti have been depicted by the frenchman, who most often will pick subjects more closely associated with his own kinship to Marino Infantry (examples are Lil2Dow, Soduh, A$AP Yams and A$AP Bari). 

In summary, Anton Infantry is carrying on the rare tradition of mostly manually produced artwork, lending his talents to European and American musical acts, strengthening the prestige of the growing Marino Infantry movement.