Fosa YG is a rapper from the Netherlands whose smooth flow and unique, weird beats are innovating the Dutch scene. He has been active since 2017, when he released his first official singles “Speed it Up” and “Tempo Shit”. These were followed by his first project “M53” and other singles in 2018, such as “WOK” and “WIT”. In 2019 he released his second project “PROJECT YG”, and his latest single is the 2020 “BOOS”, made with Rey Tranquilo. Fosa’s unique style is inspired by the latest American trap and often experiments with both melodic sounds and rap. His minimal beats and smooth flow also make his tracks perfect for parties and clubs. He frequently collaborates with Loopey, and has also worked with high profile rappers, such as KC and Nodda. One of the most original artists in the Dutch scene, we are excited to listen to Fosa’s next releases, which will surely reflect his growth and development.