Born as Dani Goméz, Kaydy Cain has managed, since his arrival in the Spanish rap game in the early 2010s, to be part of - and lead - a viral wave of hist ranging from trap music to reggaeton to bachata. 

Kaydy, even considering his incredible versatility and capability to write catchy hooks across genres, ultimately benefitted from his early adherence to PXXR GVNG, now renamed LOS SANTOS, a collective started by prominent Spanish MC Yung Beef and including Khaled as well as Kaydy himself. 

As it often goes with European hip-hop, the ascendance of new styles, such as trap, is brought about by the collectively built hype from rap cliques. If we think about Dark Polo Gang in Italy as an analogue, PXXR GVNG managed to usher in the aesthetic of trap in Spain while also amassing clout for each member individually. 

And while it is to be stressed that LOS SANTOS' ascension aided in establishing Kaydy as a central figure in the culture, it is also just as true that the artist had to maintain consistency and quality in order to keep his spot in the limelight. 

The Spaniard has released a whopping amount of material, participating in five mixtapes and five LPs in the span of a decade, roughly. While that is an easy calculation to make, we feel it's important to point out that that results in one release a year, which is an impressive feat for any artist. 

Seeing this considerable volume of music, Kaydy wisely invested his resources when it comes to sound in different genres. While most relevant, the trap sound he has mastered and contributed to nationally, is also complimented with specifically latin sounds such as raggaeton and bachata, which he seamlessly blends together. To list the hits that Kaydy has collected under his belt would be somewhat futile, as it would be way too exhaustive. But what we can point out is that songs representing all these styles, in isolation or blended, all have been able to amass great amounts of views and streams, corroborating the fact that Cain is a truly versatile artist as opposed to one that just indulges in multiple flavours of music.

To go back to the aforementioned Dark Polo Gang, which in many ways is the Italian equivalent of LOS SANTOS, it seems that Kaydy's qualities have attracted the group to him, collaborating with him on tracks like "Hypebeast", off DPG's album "Twins". Side Baby, (former) one fourth of the Italian clique, specifically tends to link up with Kaydy, appearing with him on tracks such as "Putos" and the classic "Trappin En El Vaticano". 
Considering the accolades as well as qualities that brought Kaydy Cain to this rise in international prevalence, we advise anyone interested in Spain as a nation of urban culture to further track the Spaniard's career.