Spanish rapper La Zowi is quickly becoming one of the most prominent female MCs in the peninsula. 

Similarly to many in the Spanish scene, Zowi merges typical trap musical elements with reggaeton and other latin influences. 

Her approach to content is one where perspectives on street life, the hood and other social issues, are given from the feminine angle.

She started her career in 2013, with the song "Ratxeta", which was published on Youtube. The title of that song means "ratchet" in English, which gives us an insight into the kind of angle that was previously mentioned. 

2016 and 2017 would present the release of two further singles, "Mi Chulo" and "Random Hoe", in anticipation of her first mixtape.

That EP would come in 2018, being titled "Ama De Casa" and being released through PXXR GVNG's "La Vendicion" label. 

Achieving this link-up with PXXR aka Los Santos, enabled Zowi to be produced by the likes of Steve Lean, who has been able to provide tight quality, an original sound and seamless transitions to different sonic flavours that Zowi apparently wanted to exploit. 

With this project supplying the public with sensual hits ranging from modern trap to reggaeton, the Spaniard would satisfy the demand for her material. Before her big commercial break she would engage in collaborative projects with members of La Vendicion and other female MCs, such as Bea Pelea, too. 

It would not be until 2020 that she would release her official debut album: "Élite". 

Élite would contain popular singles such as "Filet Mignon" as well as others, although the impact of the project is harder to gauge given the peculiar circumstances in the first year of the decade. 

But regardless of the confounding factors entailed by the timing of this release, it is clear that the Madrid resident is now positioned physically and symbolically at the center of the Spanish and European urban scenes, especially when it comes to the market catering to the fairer sex.