UK prodigy Lancey Foux charges forward at the British scene with tons of material and talent to match.

19-year old Lancey Foux started his constant stream of releases in 2015, when free-styling over Youtube instrumentals constituted the type of material that served as his output.
 The East London rapper dropped his first EP “PINK” that same year. The teen artist showed promise even at that time, reprising the melodic knack of American acts such as Young Thug (whom people often compare him to), while maintaining a distinctive UK-delivery. 
“Straight to the point” is the expression that best describes his lyrics, while “Weird, unconventional, zany” are those that best describe his vocal style. These qualities, paired with production in the ilk of a Pierre Bourne, have to this day remained the staples of his artistry.
 Surprisingly, since he first laid down this formula more substantively on his follow-up 2018 project “PINK II” (in which industry titan Skepta is featured on the track “Dyed 2wice”), the effectiveness of it has failed to fade. To anyone cognisant of the tropes in UK hip-hop generally, it was clear that Foux’s envelope-pushing usage of more unconventional singing and of psychedelic, airy aesthetics, was something that needed to be further pushed onto British sound.

So he delivered. As of mid-2019, Foux had already dropped another tape full to the brim of material: “FRIEND OR FOUX”.

The 20-track project reinforces his commitment to his aforementioned stylistic pillars, while landing further impressive features (Skepta, Clairo & Monkey, members of 67). These features simultaneously enrich the quality of the project and embolden Foux’s stature in the industry as someone to bet on, an addition to the national roster that will surely trail blaze for up and coming rappers that are inspired by the sounds he relies on, and transforms. 

While we still have not seen an ascension by him of the sort that artists like Octavian have experienced, we are sure that it is merely a matter of time, until that happens. And if we were to bet on it, it will be a short amount of it.