LEE ROACH is a British brand created by the homonymous designer. 

Stemming from a period in 2010, directly antecedent to Lee's studies at Central Saint Martins, the creative's brand developed immediately as a menswear outlet which distances itself from currently mainstream sensibilities. 

Instead, LEE ROACH embraces a more traditional, dare one say European, approach. 
This aesthetic, which incorporates darker chromatic palettes and a semi-gothic vibes, seeps through every item that is put on sale. 
Their catalogue is comprised of shirts, shoes, trenches among everything else falling under menswear. It is the product of adapting classic, sober silhouettes and forms to modernity and minimalism, especially when it comes to fabrics and proportions. 
While that modernity and that minimalism are tropes of the current mainstream fashion landscape, they are often represented in symmetry with the form of the clothes themselves. LEE ROACH, on the other hand, makes the asymmetry between its templates and its details their strength. This results in a project that has a quickly understandable elevator pitch: Garments of the tradition, with some modern sensibilities. 
Being a concept that is immediately grasped with one glance at any collection, the brand has in fact garnered the attention of their probable target: More grown and mature audiences. 
Having even landed on platforms of great exposure, such as the 2013 London Fashion Week lineup, it will be interesting to see wether or not LEE ROACH will reach the clout that is attainable through their great potential.