M+RC Noir

A combination of fashion and music, M+RC Noir is more than a brand, it is a cultural statement. “In this fashion industry by accident” is its provocative slogan. Emerging from the Parisian suburbs, the brand’s winning combination of urban and luxury broke the market in just a couple of seasons. Its style consists of high-quality, premium streetwear made from luxury fabrics, and its designs are consistently exciting and refined. M+RC inspires youthfulness and hope: the models often frequent the streets, and reflect the brand’s unique charisma and origins. Its surge in the fashion industry was backed by support from the American rap scene, as artists like Lil Yachty, Young Thug and Playboy Carti promoted the brand’s first releases and caught the attention of young people across the globe. M+RC is a unique and authentic representation of the streets of Paris and the city’s black culture, and has made a strong name for itself. We are looking forward to its next drop.