Laylow continues to gift his unique aesthetic to the francophone world.

The Toulouse-born nascent star Laylow (born in 1992) has been releasing fire content for some time.

A veteran artist with a decade of experience under his belt, Laylow is now starting to reap the benefits of his incredibly consistent output.

This consistency is not only caused by having discovered a winning formula for music making, but presumably also from having had headquarters in a variety of countries, which he reportedly draws inspiration from.
 Paris, Toulouse, Los Angeles, Cote d’Ivoire, Tunisia are among the few localities he’s produced music in, yet his catalogue strikes one as impressive across projects for the same reasons. 

Bombastic and heavy industrial trap production, accompanied by heavily auto-tuned melancholic melodising. This is the go-to Laylow formula, and it works wonders for his fans.

His latest single “TrinityVille” hopefully serves as a teaser for the follow up to his 2018 album “.RAW-Z”, which manages to sum up the artist’s aesthetic with the elements contained by the album cover: We have the melancholy expressed by Laylow’s facial expression and the rain surrounding him, which mirrors the bulk of his crooning vocal performances. We have the technological enhancements attached to the artist’s body and other digital aesthetic aspects, which mirror the industrial production style employed, and which is even echoed by the “.” in the album title, that again references the digital world.
All these musical influences are to be heard clearly, oozing off every minute of his body of work, even when the production style fails to be as heavy as it is on most cuts. While other artists have also employed similar themes, it is Laylow that best represents a successful rendition of it in the European scene.