German super-producer Minhtendo has risen to top of European hip-hop in a short few years.

His debut in the German hip-hop scene was brought about by his initial collaboration with German superstar RIN.

Some now iconic productions for RIN include “Bros” , “Dizze Rascal Type Beat “ and “Doverstreet “.
While the influences detectable in these productions are all over the place (in a good way), there are some specific flavours that one can pinpoint which aided him in his transition to a hitmaker.
His usage of disco, soul and funk samples and/or imitated arrangements, combined with typical 808-heavy trap music tropes, immediately hit listeners as innovative and refreshing with the release of RIN's debut tape: "EROS".
Minhtendo (always in collaboration with RIN) had achieved something that often happens in extra-American hip-hop cultures, and which almost always marks a paradigm shift for those scenes. He had managed to make their production style catch up to developments from the US, while also providing a quality that is distinct and could compete with the American archetypes.
And while this quality, at the time, took the form of combining the aforementioned genres with trap tropes, Minhtendo would later continue reinventing his sound with his most trusty collaborator RIN, as well as other artists, as seen in his production work for established artist Reezy, on "Vibe".

Given his accolades in having pushed the overall German sound forward, we hope to see even more evolution and consistency from him.