No Text Azienda is the name of an Italian video-maker collective based in Milan. The group has been gaining prominence and notoriety as of late, given their high profile videos for Italian as well as international artists and content creators.

The agency's style is hard to condense into one catchy phrase, but what can be judged with certainty is the quality of the material.

No Text is a collective that takes a hardline stance on perfectionism, for whatever project they undertake. Even if their work is commissioned for (at the time) smaller artists like Tauro Boys, whose music video "Napoli" they created, the commitment to provide a sleek product by mixing up analogue tools and digital methods, therefore not sacrificing quality for less cost, is maintained.

The pristine results always resulted in the viral status of the videos in the Italian market, consider "LOVE BANDANA" by Ketama126 & Tedua or "Diego Armando Maradona" by Side Baby, which also demonstrate No Text's ability to marry their videos with the material accompanying them thematically.

A further degree of expansion for the agency is by providing videos for Italian artists featuring international ones, for instance Marïna's "t0t0r0" featuring American artist Nessly and Sick Luke.

The even further and final degree of expansion is simply collaborating with international superstars. The greatest example for this is of course their video for "XO Tour Life" by Lil Uzi Vert, a video filmed in many locations and supervised by owner of Off-White, Virgil Abloh.

Off-White, an fashion industry titan (curiously No Text had also dabbled in fashion by producing merch for Dark Polo Gang), have again fully partnered with the collective for their latest production: Pop Smoke's "Shake The Room" video with Quavo, which was shot in Paris during Fashion Week prior the Brooklyn rapper's untimely death.

To tackle the aforementioned question of describing their style, No Text Azienda's videos are unique and realised with an extreme passion for- and attention to details, creating pieces of art in the form of something normally as derivative as music videos.

Their immediate influences evoke rave culture, night life, punk and obviously hip-hop. One can notice this from their raw approach to the art, based on a vintage feeling given for instance by the VHS recording, paired with an ultra-modern feel conveyed by glitch effects and other special effects.

To sum up our earned admiration for this collective, No Text Azienda is definitely the most creative and original collective for visual media in Italy active as of now. We all await new content from them with great anticipation.

We suggest to look up their website on .