Norsacce Berlusconi is a Senegalese born, French naturalized rapper.

Norsacce is a member of the "667 Crew" aka "Mangemort Squad", which is an influential crew in the modern French scene that released a lot of content in the form of videos and songs in the last years.

Norsacce started his career in 2016 with some successful music videos, like the one for the single “Mafiosi".

He continued to drop songs and videos until 2017, when he released his first official album on Spotify, called "Neonegro".

In 2018 Norsacce released a multitude of singles, like "Pickpocket" and "Tetris", and put out his second project, "RAR".

His latest release is the 2020 track "Karma" made in collaboration with Double Cup Kase.

Norsacce's style is influenced by American trap music and comes off as very aggressive, with gritty lyrics and hard-bass based beats.

His lyrics portray themes about street life, the hood, violence and drugs, which are themes wholly reflected in the music videos accompanying them.

Norsacce collaborates mainly with the other members of his crew "Mangemort Squad", like Freeze Corleone, Osirus Jack and Slim C.

His hard sound and explicit lyrics make him one of the most interesting new artists in Europe, which makes us anxious for how it will affect the local French scene as well as the European one.