One of France’s most sought-after brands, Pigalle produces streetwear which tells the story of Parisian youth and modern culture. Named after the trendy red-lights area in Paris, the brand was founded in 2008 by Stephan Ashpool, and originally resold clothes and sneakers coming from Japan and the USA. After years in the industry, Pigalle is now a highly successful streetwear brand with its own, unmistakable logo, which distinguishes every one of its articles. Its style is simple and its vision clear; classical pieces such as hoodies, sweatshirts and t-shirts are produced in neutral shades like grey, black and white, with the distinct Pigalle logo always on display. The brand’s collaborations with other labels have been extensive and remarkable. Among the bigger names, we have Converse, with whom Pigalle designed shoes twice, the giant watch brand G-Shock, and Nike, in a joint production of a new model of the Air Force 1. Collaboration with Nike extended to the construction of a brightly-coloured, innovative basketball court in Paris, and several other courts in big cities across the world, such as Mexico City. Bold and unmistakable, Pigalle is an iconic label whose unique story and growth has built its legendary reputation in the European and international streetwear scene.