Retro X builds an aesthetic of chilled out eccentricity.

French rapper Retro X represents one of those rare instances in which emergent artists present consistently quality output across all media, from the get-go.

It suffices to check out any of the singles and accompanying music videos available on Youtube to understand the young promise’s appeal.

His oldest available material, a track called “Diana”, while different to his antecedent content given the boom-bap style of production, shows us that Retro X’s spiel is one where understated beats are overplayed by creative lyricism delivered through a relaxed and seemless rapping style.

The results of this formula show. 

Retro X is bubbling as a name and brand in the French culture and is on the crest of hitting wide audiences. But while his individual pieces of output on Youtube for instance, still have to break a million views, the quality of it is worthy of that clout, if not more.

These videos offer crisp images in unorthodox sets, the saturation of the shots upped, the lyricism to match the eccentricity of the situations and characters portrayed. 

But what ultimately ties up the deal with regard to Retro’s originality is the juxtaposition of these more sophisticated elements with the mellow, easy-going vibes conveyed through the rapping style. 

Given the moderate success that Retro X’s quality material has already achieved, we are confident his style will propel him to the French mainstream.