Rojuu is one of the most unique offers coming out of the the Spanish scene as of now. 
Having started his career in 2017 with the single “Hazlo Otra Vez”, Rojuu has consistently displayed his melodic and niche-specific style across multiple releases.
He has remained active by releasing singles back to back, among which “Insomnia” and “Nintendo” anticipated his first EP “2003” in 2018 as well as his first official album: “Cotard Delusion”. 

That first album presented all the tropes that would make his sound what it still remains to this day, combining autotuned crooning with alternative culture tropes, such as anime and video games, which are then married to one’s more typical trap 808-heavy instrumentals.

Rojuu’s hustle in the late 2010’s bled into the penultimate year of the decade, 2019, where he went on to release multiple singles in conjunction with a pair of albums. 
Tracks like “R.I.P” and “Hollywood” featuring Ghouljaboy all served to promote the full-length releases named “Bad Trip Camp” and “Children Of God”, which were in turn made in collaboration with Clutchill and Carzè. 

The cursed year of 2020 also proved fruitful for the Spaniard with the release of his third full length release: “Ikari”. 
His aesthetic has preserved oddity as it has playfulness. Kiddish synths accompanied by varied pop-culture references overlaying 808s characterises most of the artist’s sound, and while this summary leaves much to be desired in terms of a report, it is enough of an idea to be intrigued by his body of work.

While Rojuu is still confined to a very small circle of collaborators, that is explained considering the outlandishness of his stylistic choices, relative to the international, as well as national, musical zeitgeist around trap. 
This alone compels us to say that Rojuu, as stated in the introductory sentence, is one of the most interesting rappers coming out of the Spanish scene. Definitely keep your eyes on him.