With his dynamic and innovative style, Romeo Elvis is truly changing the face of the Belgian music scene. Known for his extensive career and many projects, many of the Belgian artist’s songs have become some the most famous hits in Belgian rap, with the help of his popular YouTube channel. His career officially started in 2013, with the release of his EP “Freestyle Avant”. 2014 saw the release of his second album “Familie Nombreuse”, along with many other popular singles, such as “Serpent De Fer”, “La taf qui n’existe pas” and “Vraiment Top!”, in 2015. His third album “Morale” (2016) produced by The Motel, was followed by volume two in 2017, and by his “Morale 2luxe” project, a year later. His latest album is “Chocolat” (2019), and he began 2020 with the release of “Un Cadeau”, in collaboration with Caballero, JeanJass and Slimka. Romeo’s music is a blend of both classical rap and singing, creating songs of any genre in his own, singular style. His beats often strongly differ among each other, ranging from trap beats made with synthesizers and 808s, to beats close to pop, made with real instruments and melodies. These are also closely related to pop, and the refrains he writes are often extremely catchy and marketable. His collaborations have featured important Belgian artists, such as Angele, Caballero and Grems, and many of his most successful songs have come from his work with the producer The Motel, which led to various albums entirely produced by him. Romeo is far from being a classical rapper; his versatility and originality is clearly shown by how his voice and ideas create any kind of music, which always reflects his sound and style. By incorporating pop and rap into a single element, he is inventing a new sound for the European scene, and is now a decidedly influential artist in the market.