If you are wondering what the future of Italian rap sounds like, one of the answers would probably be Shiva. 

Coming from a less gentrified part of west Milan and having been born in 1999, Shiva's influences are firmly attached to old 90's street culture mixed with a few modern twists.

Milanese rapper Shiva started his approach to rap at an early age, releasing his first two albums with the notorious roman label, Honiro.

For the first part of his career, Shiva's style was essentially linked to dark lyrics, conscious themes and narration of his life disputes.

"Tempo anima" and "Solo" were the two albums that gave the Italian audience a taste of his style as well as lyrics selection of which we would describe as "hardcore rap".

In 2018 he dropped his former label and instead decided to pursue an independent path by releasing back-to-back songs.

This led him to build a new foundation for his fanbase all over Italy.

His new sound and current style is based on a more melodic approach thanks to the adoption of autotune, which led his production to be more catchy and up-to-date with current trends.

Despite his young age and being sort of a newcomer in the scene, Shiva's collaboration list is more then admirable, as he collaborated with the bigger names of current Italian rap music; such as : Sfera Ebbasta, Pyrex and tha Supreme.

Thanks to being featured on the “Machete Mixtape”, a collective release from Machete Records another well established italian label, Shiva's perception as an artist grew exponentially in the last two years.

In January 2020 he released his first official independent Ep called "Routine" and later on during the 2020 quarantine he came out with his current banger "Auto Blu", which triggered a lot of discussion because of the sample Eiffel 65 sample, from the song “Blue”.