Symba is one of Germany’s most interesting new artists who has been making moves with his singles and videos. His career started in 2019, with his first official single “Maxi king”, after which he released others, such as “PS2” and “Blockparty”. In 2020, he released other exclusive songs, such as "Helly", "Shady" and his latest release to date, "Serve", together with their YouTube videos. His sound is uniquely based on up-tempo beats with trippy, transcendental melodies, and his rap carries a chill yet energetic flow which has become his own, characteristic signature. Symba is yet to work with other musicians, as his career has only recently begun and he is still in the process of establishing his own fanbase. He has, however, already released numerous big hits, and we are waiting for his official debut album to see where his career is headed.