David Kraft and Tim Wilke are the names of the german producer duo, The Cratez.

Starting their career, just like many other upcoming producers in the scene, by uploading their productions on the internet and building up their own website platform on which they could sell them, the german duo may be one of the first european beatmakers who were selling beats online through myspace in 2006/2007.

Their production style covers pretty much all the sonic aspects of the modern trap/hip hop production, from melodic to more heavy bass instrumentals.

They are inspired by older producers in the game such as Dj Premier, Ninth Wonder and Lex Luger and we can say they developed their sound by evolving their knowledge and taste to current trends making them one of the top producer in Europe.

Sharing their productions through all music platforms in the internet for more then a decade they gained reasonable popularity throughout the whole world letting them collaborate with big labels and artists from the US scene such as: Bryson Tiller, Kevin Gates and Joyner Lucas.

Their first big placement in Germany came in 2017 with the song "Was Du Liebe Nennst" by the rapper Bausa, which is a major hit in the german music scene as it hit more than a hundred millions views on YouTube.

After becoming the leader of the german charts multiple times, the german duo became the go to producer for most of the rappers in the german scene. Their most notable productions are "Honda Civic" by Bonez MC, "One Night Stand" by Capital Bra, "Adriana" by Raf Camora and many others. The list of songs they collaborated on to produce is inevitable long; but one that has to be mentioned is "Big Drip" by UFO361 and american superstar Future.