Trap n' Fly is an event organiser located in South Germany, bringing major artists and salient underground acts to their shows for exposure. 

Being in contact with its founder, Kily, we have learned that Trap n' Fly was established in January 2017. His team and him have been focusing on organising parties and concerts centered around European talent, such as Solo Mario (UK), HIM$ (FR), Caramelo (GER), among others. 

Although their biggest bookings have been of American rappers looking to tour, such as Xavier Wulf from former Raider Klan, UnoTheActivist and even Pierre Bourne, it is clear that the entity has been striving to capture the best of the European underground, elevating its prestige as a whole.  

Chief organiser Kily told us that he had stricken off two names from his "booking wishlist", namely Unotheactivist and Xavier Wulf, saying that he would still love to feature Lucki and Playboi Carti on his platform. 

Adding that he would expand the operation to more cities across Germany, we felt secure in exposing Trap n' Fly as a possibly well-known platform for European urban music, in the near future.