UFO 361

Born in Kreuzberg, West Berlin, UFO 361 is one of Germany’s most notorious rappers, dominating the scene since his viral hit “Ich bin ein Berliner” (2015), which made him known to acclaimed rappers such as 187 Strassenbande,  Fler and Haftbefehl. UFO continued to climb the German albums chart with “Ich bin 2 Berliner” (2016), which peaked at number 13, and his third mixtape  ”Ich bin 3 Berliner” (2017) – a massive success. This included major tracks, such as “Für die Gang”, “Major T” and “Der Pate”, which established him as a forerunner in the industry. Since then, his influence has only increased: he founded his own record label “Stay High” in 2017, and released his second studio album “808” in 2018, which reached number one in both German and Austrian albums charts. “Wave” (2019) and “Lights out” (2019) soon followed, and, most recently, the 2020 album “Rich Rich”. UFO’s app VVS Hunter is also worth mentioning. Named after his album VVS (2018), UFO transformed promotion into a free game which ranked first place in Apple’s store on its first day out. The game was a lesson in self-promotion: it featured his music and included a Spotify button which redirected users to UFO’s playlist. It is no surprise that his original, contemporary approach caught the attention of other artists worldwide. UFO’s collaborations are also renown; he is one of the few independent, European rappers who has been featured with Quavo and Future, and proved his flow to work well with the American flow. Recently, we have also seen him work with the Italian rapper Sfera Ebbasta. Now, UFO is one of the most valuable and interesting artists in the scene, and we are excited for his upcoming album "Nur für Dich".