Yanky is a very young Roman rapper whose catchy songs are appealing to more and more listeners. He recently began his career with the song “New Wave” (2018) and its YouTube video, which went viral shortly after, and released the song “Christmas 00139”, which refers to his hood, that same year. His many releases in 2019, such as the songs “Roma 90”, “New Balenciaga” and “Angels”, brought him to the forefront of the new Italian scene, and his latest release is the 2020 song “Mild”. Yanky’s music is very catchy and memorable, as he uses chill trap beats and melodic flows which make his songs perfect for a young audience. His first songs featured many type beats from the well-known producer Young Forever Beats, while his latest hits have been produced by the No Face producers Dogs Life and Master Code. Indeed, he is now part of Achille Lauro’s No Face agency, an independent label which promotes young Italian talent, and he has also collaborated with new artists such as Uzi Lvke, Schema, Brain Flu and Kiddy. Still very young, Yanky has already made a memorable name for himself,  which will only get bigger when he releases his first official project, which we are eager to see soon.