French rapper Youv Dee had been a steady presence in the emergent French trap scene for the last few years.

Consolidating his spot in the French hip hop scene was done through singles that, as time of writing, all are in the couple-million-views range.

Tracks like “Opening”, “Freestyle Nitro”, “Berry” and “Bendo” are all such tracks, and they fully illustrate the appeal of his music.

The frenchman’s style is as versatile as effective in targeting different audiences in the trap landscape.

An always tight technical ability appeals to those French listeners who favour a quick and exciting cadence on fast tempo beats.

On “Opening”, Dee raps with this intensity on a beat which samples the popular video game’s “Pokèmon” OT.

This choice in instrumental palate adds a relatability to his subject matter, provided by endless references to popular culture which captures anyone with awareness of western sensibilities.

While this reliance on popular western media is a now probably overused tendency in more current trap aesthetics, Dee’s usage of them came at a time which suggests him being ahead of the curve in his reliance, especially for non american artistry.

One other style he is known to employ, now represents a distinct wing of contemporary trap, namely the screamed metal-inspired sound most represented by acts such as City Morgue.

Youv Dee has dabbled in this style often to great effect, making him one of the most reliable suppliers of it in the French scene.

Given the versatility inferable by his output, we see Youv Dee as an artist with obvious staying power in the European scene.