21 year old Düsseldorf native Yun Mufasa has been recently making waves in the German culture since having dropped his “Slime Regime” EP on April 5th, 2019.

Since having moved to the historic capital of German rap, Berlin, Mufasa has been giving the nation’s listeners what may just be the future of the scene’s sound.
 With tracks such as “Palm Angels”, “Intro”, “Dynamit” (on which he’s featured alongside host artist Mo$art) and “4088”, his craft has demonstrated itself to be up to par to the most dynamic developments in American Trap.
 This is not a comparison that is being pushed on Mufasa to dilute the value of his art, in fact it was Mufasa himself to draw the comparisons to artists like Gunna, Lil Baby and Playboi Carti on many occasions.
 And while there is much more to his sound than reprising those artists’ material, the parts of it which consist of that, certainly come off as worthy tributes. 
Smooth flows, aggressive and confident rhymes, lingo about his “slimes” and a multitude of “SLATT’s”, all comprise the elements of his catalogue that will strike those in-the-know of American hip hop, as progressive for Germany. 
Paradoxically, it is this initial reliance on the interplay between “Drip Harder”-esque beats and strong lyricism that makes his role in the scene so refreshing. Ultimately, such an artist is needed in the European scenes we observe, where the trend is almost always to stick to an already established sound or style.

By adding the lyricism of a more traditional MC to the sounds of America which are best described as “SLIME”-y, Yun Mufasa is putting himself on the map as one of the most promising and possibly successful artists in the continent. And with the endorsement of accomplished platform 88FINESSE, we are sure his trajectory is going to be vertical.